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THC Urine Test Strips
maggie su (Garden Grove, US)
simple and very convenient !

Significant other goes in for a schedule drug test once a year. He has been smoking on and off for the past six months, and then totally stop smoking for the whole last month to prepare for the annual test. But he wanted to be sure he was definitely clean when the day comes. Therefore, I decided to pick up this test for the ease of use and the confidence of the company. I mean, you can't lose when they offer 100% Risk-Free Guaranteed, with a full refund including shipping cost. So I followed the simple directions, dipped test strip to the max line, set a timer for exactly five minutes, then read the results. Test shows two lines, one very visible and one sort of faint. That would read a negative result.
Yay ! I took the home result as is,which means I believed the claims. He recently went in and past the test with flying colors ! Very satisfy with this test kit !

Dear Maggie, thank you so much for the pictures and such an informative review of our THC test! We appreciate that a lot and we are very glad that you are happy with your purchase.

Breast milk Alcohol Detection Strips

It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your baby so I decided to try and review the Safe Milk Test for Breastfeeding strips.

I'm sure I'll get some ''HOW DARE YOU DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE BREASTFEEDING!!" comments, but you know what? I know I'm not perfect, i rarely drink, I did not get wasted, and I make sure my kids are always safe and taken care of so judge me if you will but please take your sanctimommy attitude somewhere else if you feel like putting down any other mommies.

I know I repeat myself a million times in this video. Oops, sorry.

Always drink responsibly!! YouTube video placeholder

Thank you for reviewing Exploro Safe Milk test strips! It's a very detailed video review about our breast milk alcohol detection strips and we appreciate you taking the time to create it. Thank you! And I totally agree with you that “it's better to be safe than sorry…”, you are a great mom!

THC Urine Test Strips
Edward O'Conor (Plainview, US)

Works unfortunately 😁

Thank you for your review! :)

THC Urine Test Strips
Nancy Cosio (Orlando, US)
Legit product and great communication from the company

I got this THC test from my friend. I didn’t know before that you can simply test yourself at home. The test is accurate and instructions are very detailed. I got negative result, however I was still curious why one of the lines on my test strip was faint. I contacted Exploro and Sophia from support cleared this out for me. The real test is in two days and I am glad I got my peace of mind. Would definitely recommend to those looking for quick & accurate results before any upcoming tests.

Dear Nancy, thank you so much for sharing your review! We, Exploro team, are very glad to hear that you had a good experience with us and our product. Good luck!

THC Urine Test Strips
Anonymous (Miami, US)
Very accurate!!!

I had been an avid marijuana smoker for over a year, smoking everyday, multiple times throughout the day. I applied to school a few months ago and knew I’d be drug tested upon acceptance so decided to quit smoking all together. I stopped about 2 months before my drug test and was super nervous (my smoking of choice was the oil pen so super concentrated) I bought these tests and tested myself a week before my actual drug test and was negative. I tested another friend who smokes every once in a while and he was negative and I also tested a friend who is an everyday smoker and he came back positive so I knew these were accurate. I went in for my drug test earlier this week and passed with flying colors. These are by far the best tests to get without having to break the bank but while making sure you’re getting an exact reading. The instructions are so easy to follow and very clear.

Thank you for reviewing Exploro® THC test strips! We are very glad that you are happy with your purchase.

THC Urine Test Strips
Meg (Brooklyn, US)
Easy to use, a relief to see

First time having an edible, it was a relief to get these tests and receive 2 negative tests after 12 days detox! I will get to see if the results are accurate to a lab test soon. Customer services was SO prompt and friendly - the shipping updates got messed up and they ended up sending me a second box with priority shipping. Absolutely a pleasure to communicate with, I would recommend them to anyone.

We are so grateful for your 5-star review. Thanks for sharing your rating!

Amazingly Accurate!! Thanks Exploro =)

Exploro is 100% accurate and I passed my drug test with flying colors! Have smoked since I was a teenager and now nearing 50 yrs old. Responsible and educated, but choose MJ as my "pill of choice" rather than prescription meds each day. Quit for 4 weeks prior to testing. Don't hesitate, these things work marvelously! They are EASY to use and if you can't figure out the directions, you probably shouldn't have applied for the job you're after either nor deserve it! A 2nd grader could figure out these directions-LOL Great price and HUGE piece of mind! Buy them!!! Thanks Exploro.

Dear Adele, a big thank you from all the Exploro team for leaving your review!

THC Urine Test Strips
Shari Brayall (Whittier, US)

This product is spot on re accuracy - I tested a person who smoked and one who didn’t. Results were accurate. (One line was a bit faint for the negative but still accurate.) Item is priced really well, easy to use, and customer service goes above and beyond. I am going to use it in a few days and have full confidence.

Dear S. B., thank you for leaving your review! Our team have put a lot of work into making the Exploro® THC drug tests as the best choice for buyers and it's the greatest reward to have satisfied customers like you. Thank you!

THC Urine Test Strips
Maria L (Seattle, US)
Exploro THC test is definitely worth the money!

These test strips were easy to use and very accurate. It took me literally 5 minutes to perform the test. Everything is as described on the product page. Highly recommend this product.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

THC Urine Test Strips
Valerie Hendrix
These are accurate

Purchased these and absolutely love how accurate and easy they are to use!!!!

Valerie, thank you so much from all Exploro team for taking the time to leave your review! We appreciate that a lot.

THC Urine Test Strips
L. V. (Atchison, US)

This is a great product. Instructions are very clear, and product is easy to use. I feel confident that I will pass my drug screen. Also, great value.

Thank you so much for giving our product 5 stars! We are very glad that you are happy with your purchase.

THC Urine Test Strips
Carrie Foster (Tacoma, US)
Great way to make sure you pass!

Shipped quickly and discretely. Instructions were clear and concise. Easy to use. Results showed up almost right away and it was obvious I passed. Used several days in a row to make sure. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to make sure they are clean enough to pass. Honestly though, I'm looking forward to being able to partake again!

Thank you for your feedback, Carrie Foster! We are very glad that you are happy with your Exploro THC test.

THC Urine Test Strips
Iris (Houston, US)
Easy to use and fast results

These test strips were easy to use and got results right away. Low cost but high quality product. Was confident I would pass my lab test after making sure everything was good with these test strips. Would recommend and buy again.

Dear Iris, we're happy that these tests proved their worth despite their affordable price!

THC Urine Test Strips
E. Michael (South Lyon, US)
Great product

Keeps 2 people honest
on use for the year of 2022. Both of us agreed to stop smoking.
A life saver. Highly recommend this product. Easy read and accurate

Dear Customer, thank you for taking the time to write a review! We are very glad that our THC test is helping you both keep your promises for 2022!

THC Urine Test Strips
Faiza Khan (Queens, US)
They get the job done

These Thc tests are very comparable, if not the same thing as the most expensive ones. I've basically paid for one test that this company charges for 25 tests. Should last me forever.

Yes, all our tests are the high quality products and we really price them as low as it possible. We are glad that you noticed that and thank you for leaving your review!

THC Urine Test Strips
Wendy (Malvern, US)
Works great

I feel like this is a good product if you understand how it works and how to use it for your situation. If you can't figure out how to tell if it's positive or negative, then you need help.

Dear Wendy, thanks for your feedback!

Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strips Kit
Erika Bizjak (Washington, US)
Great strips!

I love these! They give me the confidence to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner and feel safe when nursing by confirming when there is no presence of alcohol left in milk.

Thank you, Erika, for giving a 5 star rating to our breastmilk alcohol test! We are glad that you love this Exploro product.

THC Urine Test Strips
Jessica Kaplan (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Great, a must have.

I got these because I will be getting a new job soon and know I will be tested. These are a must have if you know you're going to be tested soon. I like that they come with 15 so you have more than enough to keep testing. Easy and quick to use and gives you a great piece of mind for your future test. Would but again!

Dear Jessica, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review about our THC test! We are glad that you are happy with your purchase. Good luck with your new job!

THC Urine Test Strips
Tom Vella (Philadelphia, US)
Ah simplicity!

Exploro gets it! 5 star product!

Dear Tomas Vila, thank you for giving our THC test a 5 star rating!

THC Urine Test Strips
Michelle Anderson (North East, US)
Great product

I researched different strips for THC drug testing & I read one that said how difficult these were to understand how to use. After getting and reading instructions it’s easy to do and easy to read with accurate results, so far. I’ll do this every week to see if the result changes. I’m expecting it to show negative in 4-5 weeks for how often I smoked. Hoping to be able to update at a later time

Dear Michelle, thank you for taking the time to write a review for our THC test! It's great to hear about your positive experience using it.

THC Urine Test Strips
Gayle Ross (Fort Collins, US)
Good tests

Test strips are too thin.

Dear Gayle Ross, thank you for your feedback!

THC Urine Test Strips
Anonymous (Jacksonville, US)

I bought these a week before my actual lab test and they work. I was testing negative and had been clean for a little over 2 weeks and my friend who was daily user came back positive so it was a relief to see that. My results came back clear!!

Thank you for your review!

THC Urine Test Strips
K.L. (Portland, US)
Not happy

Test strips are inaccurate. Twice have shown 2 lines and gone for a employment hire test and failed both times. Cost me 100.00 for for two tests and failed, prior to lab tests. Buyer beware 😫

Dear Kevin, thank you for sharing your experience using our THC test strips. We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with your purchase. As it's mentioned in our Refund policy (, if you aren't fully satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, you have 365 days after purchasing to exchange the product or to get a full refund for your purchase. Please, just fill in the 'Contact us' form, chat us up, or e-mail us at

However, we want to assure you, that Exploro® THC tests are accurate - they have been proven to show at least 99% accuracy, if used according to the instructions provided. Therefore, the problem can be related to something else, for example to the cut off level your lab is using or due to an error while performing the test. Let's figure this out.

Exploro® THC test detect THC metabolites in urine with a 50 ng/ml cutoff level. When performing Urinalysis for THC in the lab, the standard cutoff level for an initial screening is 50 ng/ml and for confirmatory screening - 15 ng/ml. However, every employer has a right to request a lab to test employees using tests of different cut-off levels, which as far as we know, happens rarely. Could this may have happened in your case?

Also, please make sure that you follow the instructions provided with the test kit exactly.

Here are the steps:

You may find it helpful to have a watch or a clock with you when taking the test. Prepare a sterile specimen collection container for urine.

When you are ready to take the test, bring the pouch to room temperature before opening it. Remove the test strip from the sealed pouch and use it as soon as possible. NOTE: Prolonged exposure to hot and humid environments will cause product deterioration. Do not use after the expiry date stamped on the package.

Immerse the test strip vertically in the urine specimen with the “Max” line pointing towards the urine specimen for 10-15 seconds. NOTE: Immerse the test strip to at least the level of the Max line on the strip, but NOT above.

Lay the test strip on a non-absorbent surface and start the timer. For complete test accuracy, you should read the results exactly after 5 minutes. NOTE: Do not interpret test results after 8 minutes because the chemical reaction will not provide an accurate result.

Read the results by visual comparison shown on the back of the Exploro® box or on the leaflet which can be found inside the box.

Here are the possible results you can get:

NEGATIVE: Two lines appear (no drug is found in urine specimen). One red line marks the Control (C) region, another line (red or pink) adjacent to the first line marks the Test (T) region. This negative result indicates that the drug concentration is below the detectable level. NOTE: The shade of red line in the Test (T) region may vary, but it should be considered negative whenever there is even a faint pink line.

POSITIVE: Only one colored line appears in the Control (C) region. No visible colored line appears in the Test (T) region. This positive result means that the THC drug found in your urine and is above the detectible level.

INVALID: The Control line fails to appear. Results from any test that has not produced a Control line at the specified result reading time must be discarded. Please review the procedure and repeat with a new test strip. If the problem repeats, discontinue using the kit immediately and contact us at

Also, you can find the detailed instruction with visuals in our FAQs here:

Did you strictly follow all the steps from the instructions?

Please answer our questions and share more details (if possible) so we can help you. Or if you still believe that the test you received is inaccurate, let us know as well and we'll either send you a new package or give you a full refund. Contact us by filling the 'Contact us' form, chat us up, or e-mail us at

Looking forward to hearing from you.

THC Urine Test Strips
Connie Holland (Houston, US)
Excellent and efficient product!

The tests worked perfectly for me and I was able to accomplish my goals. The instructions were easy to follow and understand.

Dear Connie, thank you so much for your review! We are very glad that you are happy with your Exploro THC test.

THC Urine Test Strips
Mamo Smith (Kansas City, US)
Awesome product

The THC test strips worked as great as the clinical tests! "I was geeked from the results 🤣 must try."

Thank you for your feedback!