Are There Jobs That Don’t Drug Test? Yes!

Are There Jobs that Don't Drug Test Yes


It's likely that you’ve taken a drug test for work-related purposes at some point in your career. Or, you may need to take one in the near future. In any case, pre-employment drug tests are still a reality for millions of American workers. However, the increase in marijuana legalization has helped to normalize the discussion surrounding drug tests in the wokrplace.

Prior to now, shift work and cash jobs were the only positions that did not require drug testing. However, this is beginning to change.


In this article we’ll go over:


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How Often do Jobs Drug Test?

Drug Screening at Work for THC

Many times, companies merely demand that candidates submit to a pre-employment drug test or to a pre-employment test. Furthermore, they will follow up with an annual or biannual periodic test. However, some organizations demand further testing on a regular basis. This might indicate that unusual conditions apply if your company makes you submit to several drug tests each year. An employer might test its employees in the following situations:

For random testing throughout the year

For testing, employees are chosen at random. This arbitrary procedure is similar to pulling names out of a hat, except the choice is typically made by a computer. Each employee has an equal chance of being chosen. Sometimes an employer may decide to choose employees more than once throughout the year. In this case, an employee may be chosen for random testing on more than one occasion. 

Also, many states have laws or rules that give you remedy if you think your employer is unfairly targeting you, according to the legal website Additionally, many states do not permit random drug testing, according to the nonprofit organization Workplace Fairness.

When a workplace accident occurs

By identifying whether drug or alcohol usage may have been a contributing cause, drug testing can assist the employer in identifying the issue. The number of required drug tests as a result of accidents is not subject to a yearly cap. For any accident that qualifies, your employer may demand a drug test. Be mindful, though, of being singled out for a drug test due to insignificant errors like a word being misspelled or returning from lunch a few minutes late. This can be a sign that the employer is engaging in discrimination.

If an employer has reasonable suspicion 

While many states forbid random testing, all permit an employer to demand a drug test if there is cause for suspicion. A reasonable suspicion is when your employer has a good basis to think you're abusing drugs while working. A manager must put reasonable suspicion on paper. Ideally, they would need to document any indications and symptoms that lead to the suspicion that you might be impaired by drugs or alcohol at work.

For periodic testing in the workplace

Any company can announce that they will conduct periodic, scheduled tests that are given to all employees. The frequency of periodic drug tests is unrestricted, but some businesses conduct them annually, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Throughout the year, your company can ask you to take many periodic tests. However, they ought to have a documented corporate policy outlining the justification for routine testing. For instance, if your employment is hazardous and you could endanger dozens of lives if you use drugs or alcohol, testing once every three months might be justified.

Take a look at NOLO’s outline of all information for each state in the US regarding drug testing here.


List of jobs that don't drug test

There are some great occupations that have no criteria for drug testing at all. This way, you won't ever have to worry about providing urine samples and can instead concentrate on working in a more progressive workplace while doing a job that you enjoy. Here are some examples.

1. Retail stores

A Woman and Man at a Retail Store

Working at a retail establishment is a good choice for everyday jobs that don't require a drug test. There aren't many large retail establishments in the United States that strictly enforce a drug-free workplace policy. 

At Whole Foods, Gap, Goodwill, Kroger, and Target, you can get a job offer and employee perks without giving up your privacy or altering your way of life.

2. Real estate

Real Estate Agent Giving a Person the Keys to a New Home

In the real estate industry, you can find a lot of decent jobs that don't demand drug testing. Being an agent is the most flexible part. When homes are sold, you will receive a fair commission. And you won't have to bother about drug testing procedures at all. That’s because you will legally be working as a contractor rather than a full-time employee.

3. Beauty sector

Two Male Hairdressers Cutting Hair in a Barber Shop

Here is an industry where employers are less strict about their employees using medicinal marijuana or prescribed medicines outside side of work. In the beauty industry, there is also some fantastic employment available with good salaries and benefits.

4. Tech sector

A Group of People in the Tech Industry Working Together

It makes sense that drug testing is of no interest to employers in a field where originality and problem-solving skills are valued. In truth, some companies do allow their workers to drink on the job. So long as the drinking is not excessive or harmful to the person or anyone around them. 

One study made by researchers at San Diego State found that there was no evidence showing the negative effects on job performance if employees smoked weed after work hours. They actually mentioned it might even benefit them. “Individuals deciding to consume cannabis after finishing their work may be able to distract themselves from stressful on-the-job issues,” wrote lead researcher Dr. Jeremy Bernerth. “They may subsequently return with more stamina to devote to their job.”

5. Design studios

Two Interior Designers Choosing the Best Material for their Project

There are numerous professions that don't require a drug test for those with design talents. A profession as an interior designer may be of interest to those who enjoy decorating beautiful homes. 

A career as a graphic designer may appeal to more tech-savvy individuals. Why not think about becoming a video game designer, gamers? You'll always be exempt from antiquated drug test requirements no matter how your design abilities develop.

6. Management positions

Manager Smiling at the Camera without Needing to Take a Drug Test

There’s no doubt that success brings many perks. And if you move up the ladder and become the boss, no person will be asking if you’ve got PCP or THC in your system.

You don’t even need to be the boss of a company. You need to find a job at the higher management level. A person in these positions tends to be left alone.

7. Restaurants

Starbucks Company in the City

Being successful does have its many benefits. It’s possible that you won't be asked if you have PCP or THC in your system once you become the boss. Even being the company's boss is not necessary. You should look for employment at a higher managerial level.

An individual in these circumstances is frequently left alone. A restaurant manager can make an average salary of $47,000 per year without having to submit a urine sample at some of the larger restaurant chains, including Chipotle Mexican Grill, which doesn't run background checks. 

Coffee shops like Starbucks might ask you for a drug test if they suspect drug use on the job. But, this is very rare. On top of that, they won’t ask you for a pre-employment drug test.

8. Engineering

Tesla as a Company that Does not Do Drug Tests

As innovation is more important than conservatism in high-paying jobs, it’s uncommon for people in the engineering sector to get tested. 

For example, according to Zippia, this is what it says about Tesla: Tesla does do pre-employment drug screening, but it typically does not screen for THC. Random drug testing for employees would only happen if there was a reason for concern. Tesla's drug policy is vague, and some employees report never being tested. Tesla is headquartered in California where cannabis is legal. Being intoxicated at work will cause you to lose your job no matter where you work.”

10. Freelance

Freelancer Girl Working on Her Computer Outside a Cafe

Similar to real estate agents, being a freelancer will make you a contractor rather than a full-time worker. You are your own boss and you put down the rules. So no client will ever ask you for a drug test at all.


List of companies that don't drug test in 2022

For businesses that conduct either routine or random drug tests, the legalization of cannabis has brought significant challenges. Many big businesses removed this requirement from their handbooks in response to the change in the law, which helped to decrease the impact of firing employees. They don't understand why it would be necessary to punish employees for engaging in lawful activity. 

The use of marijuana by employees is still frowned upon by some major corporations, but others are now aware that the drug can be detected in the blood for up to three weeks after consumption. Here are 20 well-known businesses that don't conduct employee drug tests if you use cannabis for recreational or medical purposes and you're seeking work.

  • Chipotle
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Starbucks
  • Whole Foods
  • Apple
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Michael’s
  • Petsmart
  • Target
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Sprouts
  • Gap
  • Amazon (If you’re a driver, you may still be required to submit to drug testing)
  • Kroger 
  • Walmart
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • 24-hour Fitness
  • Dollar General


Nowadays, it's simpler to find jobs that don't do drug tests. Companies are realizing that insisting on obligatory drug testing will hamper their capacity to find employees. Especially now with the increase of the legalization of marijuana in several states. Other companies no longer test for drugs unless there is an event that results in harm or property damage. Knowing what to expect will always be best. Stay up to date with our blog! 



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This is interesting. Here in our country, random drug testing is still done across all these jobs/ industries.
I had no idea that both Google and Microsoft don’t conduct these tests. :)


Hehe…in the world of freelance, everything goes and is acceptable! I like it that way, too.

Ntensibe Edgar

So many states have legalized marijuana nowadays. I would think that more states would stop drug testing.

Psychic Self Help

Oh my gosh! It just dawned on me that this is why my BFFs son is not applying for work!!! I bet he is scared to fail a drug test because he smokes marijuana (which she hates). I think he has a legal card but she still hates it (and he lives with her). I’m going to bring this up without being obvious next time I’m there so he will start thinking … if indeed it is the reason why


This is a handy list for teens looking for summer jobs. The beauty industry is a great suggestion.


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