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Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strips Kit

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✓ Precise Results. When it comes to your baby's health, you won't be left guessing with these precise testing strips. This safe breast milk test will specify whether or not your breastmilk contains alcohol and is safe for your baby. It is designed to find even the smallest traces of alcohol in your milk.

✓ Easy-To-Use. After dipping the test strip into your breast milk sample, the color will represent the amount of alcohol in your milk. Also, it'll indicate how much time is needed for the alcohol to disappear from your system.

    ✓ 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. We are confident in our products and their performance. However, if you are unsatisfied or it does not meet your expectations, we'll give you a FULL REFUND, including any shipping costs.



    No woman should feel guilty for having an occasional drink! Even when nursing, you can finally know that your baby will stay safe. The guide included in the package will guide you through the three simple steps to get fast and reliable results. Now you'll be sure to enjoy all angles of life even more!

    Woman Breastfeeding A Baby On Home Bed, Exploro Products Breast Milk Alcohol Testing Strips


    How to use

     Three Step User Manual On How To Use Exploro Breastmilk Alcohol Testing Strips

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      Frequently asked questions

      Infographic Showing Accuracy Of Exploro Breastmilk Alcohol Testing Strips For Home Use

      Q: Do breastmilk alcohol test strips work?

      A: According to the latest laboratory tests, the strips are 99.9% accurate. Provided that all the instructions are followed carefully, the same test carried out at home should have the same percentage of accuracy.

      Exploro Breast Milk Alcohol Tests Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: What do I do if the result is positive (alcohol detected)?

      A: If the result is positive, check the chart to find out when your breast milk will be free of alcohol. The more time passes, the lower the alcohol levels. So make sure to check at the correct time after taking the test.

      The Shelf Life Of The Exploro Highly Accurate Breast Milk Alcohol Testing  Strips Is One Year

      Q: What is the shelf-life of this test?

      A: The shelf-life of our product is on average, 1 year. When you are ready to take the test, ensure the pouch is at room temperature. The reaction pad should be a light cream color. Do not use the test strip if the reaction pad is blue before applying the breast milk.

      Using Exploro Breast Milk Alcohol Strips On Refrigerated Milk - Infographic

      Q: Can these be used on refrigerated milk while it is still cold?

      A: Yes. However, for the best results breast milk should be at least room temperature. If the breast milk has alcohol, it will be detected even when refrigerated.